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Episode 1: Steve Souders

Hello fellow Web Performance enthusiasts! Just like in the song, this podcast has been coming for some time. Quite some time. In fact, this first episode was recorded about a year ago. So please add 1 year to any time-sensitive bits you hear.

The first guest is Steve Souders. I think Steve has done more than any other living person when it comes to raising awareness about Web Performance and how important it is to both users and companies. He also showed us the way to enlightenment with his books High-Performance Web Sites and its follow up Even Faster Web Sites. He was the brains behind the YSlow browser extension. Some of you younger folks may have not used YSlow, since you have all these powerful dev tools shipped with modern browsers. But in my opinion YSlow is right there after Firebug in terms of influence and showing the browser vendors what tools they should be providing.

I'm lucky enough to have worked with Steve at Yahoo on YSlow and other stuff. He then moved on to do his magic at Google, and is now at SpeedCurve. But we talk about all of this in the interview so I'll just shut up now and let the man speak.

Oh, one thing people don't know about Steve is that he plays ukulele. We jammed a bit after recording this podcast and then I thought I should cut up some of these sounds and mix them with the interview. Enjoy!

Download file | Duration: 49:43 | Published on Oct 27, 2019

Episode 0: Trailer

Welcome to the Planet Performance podcast!

Download file | Duration: 0:51 | Recorded on June 30, 2019

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